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Hello Beautiful!

Are you feeling good about who you are and how you are showing up in the world?

The transitions you may be going through (physical and emotional) as a women in midlife are understandably challenging.

You might not recognize yourself and feel disconnected from the person staring back at you in the mirror. You might feel invisible as you scroll through social media thinking you are not enough.

You may be energized, inspired and full of purpose on the inside, but you’re playing it small because you feel irrelevant and too old.

Do these three limiting beliefs resonate with you?

I'm too old to …

I'm not… enough

I should …

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Hi there! I'm MJ,

As a modeling agency owner and former make up artist, I understand what its like to live in a culture that favors the shiny and new, and gives little value to experience. I also understand how challenging it is to be authentic at this time in our lives and still feel beautiful and relevant.

It is that belief that fuels my vision when I work with women. As a lifelong advocate of inclusivity, a certified coach with an NLP specialty, I’m uniquely positioned to understand the obstacles and difficulties we face as women at this time of our lives.

My passion is to help them step fully into all beautiful aspects of themselves.

That’s why I’ve created three signature programs designed to help you step into your power and show the best version of yourself to the world.

My three offers for you!

The beauty Experience:

A personalized one on one beauty workshop for women in mid life.

The Beauty Experience offers makeup workshops aimed primarily at women 50 years of age and older who wish to explore a personalized way to apply makeup based on their body type, skin type, lifestyle and the changes they are experiencing or have experienced.

1 on 1 coaching with MJ

Where are you at? What do you feel Is not working?

From the inside out, take back your power! Establish new beliefs.

Reconnect with the real you .Embrace what makes you unique and replace any negative self talk with re-energized confidence.

My speaks



Feeling confident & empowered


Being radiant and memorable


Feeling like you're enough

Don't limit your potential

Connect to the authenticity of who you are and elevate yourself !